Jekyll is one of the very popular static site generator, it is written in ruby and blogger can write its post in markdown. Whatever is generated through Jekyll will be static website means HTML site in simple words.

I have selected this blogging platform for my personal blog. After working on popular CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Jhomla, Modx etc , I finally decided to discover static site blogging. I have tried Hugo, Pelican, Octopress and other static site generator also, I found all are good.

Why to select Jekyll

Because Jekyll generates the static website, it is quite easy to host your website files even in cheap and best solution like AWS S3 bucket.

  • With Jekyll there is one advantage that we can get lots of useful plugins.
  • It supports Markdown language for writing the post.
  • Jekyll is maintained by its development team which do timely releases.
  • Cost is the another factor due to which I wanted to move to static website. Well this site is hosted in AWS S3 bucket which is fast,reliable and place very less cost in my aws billing receipt.

Why you should not use static site generator

Do not ever go with market hype! I always believe that you should choose your blogging platform according to your skills. Here are some basic points which will highlight why you should not use static site generator like jekyll,hugo, pelican etc.

  • You should have at least basic knowledge of html and css.
  • SEO is a major factor. If you do not know how to work on SEO in static site then go for Wordpress. I am also using wordpress in my other blogs.

There could be other reasons but I strongly believe above 2 points are play vital role here.

Welcome "Hello World"

So at the end, I would like to close this post by saying hello to world when I wrote my first code in tech world.

echo "Hello World"